Perception of Stress

I raised both my hands, knoding my head in agreement that i have always felt stress does negatively affects my life in some ways. In positive psychology, we know the science of how stress can leads to anxiety that has this fight or flight response in which your body reacts. By using Cognitive behavioral technique in understanding your automatic thoughts (why do i have to bear with this) and knowing the belief (I am stupid, useless, worthless) for stress will lead to very negative consequences (my body is failing me and i think my heart is very stress) which will directly impact on how your body reacts in negativity. Changing on how you should think in a positive way helps to make friend with stress. As McGonical, a health psychologist, explained in Ted talk on the science of stress, the possible antidote to negative effects of stress: giving to others and the association between stress and mortality”, it may prolong and leads a life of longevity in just a paradigm shift in your cognition. Why not?

Is stress really bad for you?.